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Rockville Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Reorganization Lawyers

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Reorganization

Debt relief can take many forms. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide needed relief for people who have assets they wish to protect from their creditors, and who have a regular source of income such as wages, pension or Social Security, and who may otherwise not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. ¬†Generally in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you can keep your property and reorganize your debts according to a payment plan lasting three to five years. Whether filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization is the right choice depends on your particular circumstances. It is important to speak to a knowledgeable Rockville, Maryland Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer before you make decisions that can impact you for years to come.

At Edwards Phillip Amourgis, PC, our experienced Rockville, Maryland Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers represent clients in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., in Maryland Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Maryland Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Maryland Chapter 11 bankruptcy matters. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your financial situation with a Rockville, Maryland Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, call 301-768-4606, toll free at 877-631-4002 or contact us online.

Maryland Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Instantly Stops your Creditors

In many cases, people file for Maryland Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection when they want to protect their home from foreclosure or their car from repossession. Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection generally stops or "stays" any collection activities against you or your property. Unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case can be effective to:

  1. Stop a home foreclosure.
    Even if your mortgage is delinquent, we may be able to stop a foreclosure immediately and save your home from foreclosure.
  2. Save your car.
    We can prevent the bank from repossessing your car, and even recover it after the bank has already repossessed it in some cases.
  3. Protect your cosigners.
    If your family or friend cosigned a loan on your behalf, bankruptcy can shield them from collection efforts from your creditors when you are in Bankruptcy.
  4. Consolidate your debt.
    A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan acts like a debt consolidation. You can pay off your credit cards, medical bills and other debts with a single payment plan that you can afford.
  5. Remove or strip off junior liens
    If you have more than one mortgage on your house, and your house is worth less than these mortgages, it may be possible to remove or "avoid" the second mortgage lien or judgments on your house with Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection so that you are no longer personally liable on your second or third house mortgages and these liens are actually removed altogether from your house once you complete your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan.

Maryland Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Paying your Debts over Time

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, you will be able to repay your debts over a period of time, without fear that your home or car will be taken from you. You will be required to file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan which will determine which of your creditors get paid, how much they will be paid, and what property or properties you intend to keep and which you will give up. The Rockville, Maryland bankruptcy lawyers at Edwards Phillip Amourgis, PC will help you come up with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan to repay your debt, stop foreclosures, and keep the property that means so much to you.

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With offices in McLean (Virginia), Rockville (Maryland), Columbia (Maryland), Frederick (Maryland), Baltimore (Maryland) and Washington, DC, the Chapter 13 Maryland bankruptcy lawyers at Edwards Phillip Amourgis, PC assist clients all over the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC metro area. We offer the skill and knowledge you need to help you navigate the Maryland bankruptcy process. Call 301-768-4606, toll free at 877-631-4002 or contact us to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our Rockville, Maryland Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers.

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